Is it clean YET?

mood: tiiiiired from cleaning
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I have been cleaning the house all afternoon. I left about 11 to go to Linens and Things to get another curtain rod (one of the ones I got yesterday was too short, but it will work in D's office when I do that room next month.) I then stopped at the HEB at 1431 and 183, and I remember why I hate it...it is old, cluttered, and they don't have basic things they should...like the only Lipton soup mix they had was Onion. Sooo...I have to go to the good HEB tomorrow morning because I am having the parents over for lunch. I want them to come see my great curtain hanging skills, and I want to see Daddy before he leaves for his 10 day rafting trip in the Grand Canyon. He will then be home for like a week and then he is going back to Guyana for a medical mission. THEN he gets back for like a week or less and he, Mom, Aunt Kathy, and Uncle Darwin are going on vacation. So yeah, I want to see him before he is gone til my bday :p

I will take piccies of the new curtains after the house is clean, which will hopefully be later on tonite. *glances at clock* yipes! 5:03 :( Must go clean more...bbl!

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