All the world is waiting for yoooou...

mood: exhausted, but hanging in there
listening to: theme from Wonder Woman

So...it's Friday, which is good, but work is BUSY. Then again, that is partially my fault for screwing off the last hour and a half yesterday playing with blogger. ^^ I finally got my audioblogger set up, so be looking for audio journal posts...teehee..I am going to bug you all, yes I am. :-D

Not sure what's going on this weekend. D is going to OK to see his Dad, and the only definate plans I have is to have dinner with the parents tonight and to get my hair cut tomorrow afternoon.

*sings* wonder womaaaaan wonder womaaaaan....all the world is waiting for yoooou.... -heh, maybe some power bands would make me feel better ;)


Anonymous said...

Since I can't just read about you on my friends link on LJ I forget to come over here and see what's going on with you!! I need to be reminded! lol

I saw your pictures (of the cats and curtains). Cute cats and adorable curtains/kitchen/home you have going there girl. :)

This is Sonia by the way. hah :D

laurie_pooh said...

I agree with Soni... though I bet it's nice to have your journal on your own webspace... it's harder to remember to click over... plus you don't even have me as a friend on LJ. :(

Sarafina said...

Hey gals...thanks for stopping by. :) Laurie...I never added you because when I still used my lj you didn't ;) you are added now, though...just don't forget to come visit the lone blogger in the group. *smoochies all around*