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This is an old survey I found at a journal I used to keep :)

Number of people I have had sex with:
Real intercourse...1. Other forms: two.

Number of times I have been in love:

Number of times I have had my heart broken:
One really bad one and a bunch of small ones.

Number of hearts I have broken:
One that I know of...

Number of months I have been single:

Number of continents I have visited:
One - this one.

Number of boys I have kissed in my life:
ack...hehe...let's say around...ummm...around 10.

Number of girls I have kissed:

Number of grades I got at school that were less than A:
quite a few...especially calculus :P

Number of drugs taken illegally:

Number of people I would classify as true, could trust with my life type friends:
Family not included?

Number of people from high school that I stayed in contact with:
Maybe 5 at the most.

Number of cd's that I own:
Around 200

Number of piercings:

Number of tattoos:
None. I still want my strawberry on my lower back though :)

Number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper:
when I was born, for honor rolls, maybe one or two times for provost's list at college, and once or twice for choir in high school.

Number of scars on my body:
The only one I can think of is the one on my knee from falling off my bike that got re-injured from walking my dog...she pulled me down to the ground when she went chasing after something...probably why it is permanent.

Number of times a person has made me scared of what they could do to me physically:
Once - I have always had a bad feeling that if I had stayed with Brian he might have had the potential to be abusive...only a hunch though.

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