rant: people irk me. i am not naming names, but they really do.

real post: this next month is going to be hectic. hectic at work and in my "real life". a lot of it will be spent in doctors' offices. i am finally going to an allergist, and i have a follow up with one of my other doctors. i guess i just keep thinking it will get better, and it doesn't. i can tell it is really starting to hurt dustin, so it's time to suck it up and fix the issues. i guess part of it was i was so tired of doctors after all the panic attack/anxiety drama that i didn't want to do it at all. *sighs* sorry dustin...i didn't mean to bring you down with me, baby. i have been very selfish, and i will work to fix all of this stuff...

traits i find in myself that i hate:
-obsessed with being in control
-anal retentiveness

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