mood: melancholy
listening to: Richard Marx - Now and Forever

Why am I listening to the Love Songs station on Launchcast? :( I miss him so badly already...this won't help. Doesn't it seem we like to depress ourselves more in times like this? I always listen to sappy love stuff when I miss him...what is that? Is it only a girl thing? Is it like therapeutic or something?

listening to: Berlin - Take My Breath Away

Work has been busy and stressful. I came so close to calling in sick this morning. After I got out of the shower I made the mistake of laying back down for a few minutes...until I realized I had a meeting I *had* to be there for. I also decided I would keep my "sick" day for Monday. Dustin will be getting in at like midnite Sunday, so then I can stay home with him Monday and stuff. I also have a mini in-town vacay planned for us next weekend. I think it will be good for us. We neither one have the time now for a real vacation, so this will have to do for now.

Not too much else is going on. I haven't been sleeping well this week, so I hope I can sleep better tonite. I won't be online too long...I think a hot shower and curling up in bed with a good movie is what I want to do.

listening to: Norah Jones - Come Away With Me

gah...I love Norah's voice. So classic and simple. Soothing. Comforting. Thanks, Norah...

listening to: The Beatles - Something

having fun with this playlist yet? :) Can you tell I am bored? teehee ;)

ok, enough...

Hasta luego, mis amigos...

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