mood: not too shabby
listening to: Chicago (in other room)
drinking: wine
waiting for: QaF Season 4 finale

here are some new piccies of the kitty babehs from our new digital camera! :)

  • bunny nose
  • mama in the sun
  • sassy minnie
  • sleeping paddy melt
  • how cute can i be?
  • yeees...can i help you?
  • would you pleeease go away?
  • sleeping with cat in the hat

    laurie_pooh said...

    aww... my nieces are TOO cute. I LOVE the "would you pleeease go away?" Priceless. She looks pisssssed! :) *hugs and kisses to the fur babies*

    Anonymous said...

    This post was on my birthday :p

    - Jason