Shopping Sabbatical

At the beginning of the month, my good friend Corrin posted on her blog that she was taking a shopping sabbatical from clothing, shoes, and accessories.  She asked for support and/or for us to join her, so I did.  The reasons are as follows, and in no particular order:
  1. I need to save money.
  2. I have way too many clothes.
  3. I only wear about  30% of said clothes.
  4. I need to bite the bullet and get some items altered.
  5. I hope this will inspire me to lose some weight.
  6. I adore Corrin.

Step 1: Organize my closet.
Step 2: Take inventory.
Step 3: Donate things I no longer want.
Step 4: Alter items that don't fit correctly.
Step 5: Start wearing everything!

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