Too busy for two syllables?

I realize this makes me very "uncool", but I am completely annoyed with everyone calling SXSW "South By".  Who decided this was a good idea?  Did a group of people get together and decide, "Hey, let's all act cool and make 'South By' the new 'it' catchphrase this year!"  Seriously, are you so busy running around to different venues that you can't spit out two more syllables?  I also just love how everyone picked it up like the festival's been called that since it started...like they aren't trying to be cool using the new lingo.  They just started slipping it into casual conversation.  "Hey man, did you catch [insert band name here] at South By?"  "No man, but I saw this great Hitchcock movie with Cary Grant. It's called 'North By'!"

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