Warning: Reading This Post May Be Harmful To You

In response to an article Corrin shared on Twitter...

Are we going to have to have warning labels on EVERYTHING?

Yes, coffee is hot.

Yes, it is dangerous to use a hair dryer in the bath tub.

Yes, small pieces of food can be a choking hazard.

But do we really need to see a picture of a mother holding a photo of her son that died from choking on a hot dog?

It says nothing in the article, but did the adults in the room not know the Heimlich maneuver?

I am sure I will get some negative comments back on this, but I'm putting it out here anyway.


Anonymous said...

I think it says it all to hear the mother give her excuses:
"Adler considered herself educated about children's safety."

And what does she say?

Hot dogs are "almost as American as apple pie,"

Sooo, yeah, that is the test I use to be sure something is healthy for my dogs. "I don't remember anyone saying this is poison and this is American. Here, Scooby, have some week old chicken legs."

And I try to not speak ill of certain professions... but the woman is a lawyer. Which, to me, explains why she is concentrating on suing companies, instead of educating parents.

ADULTS choke on food and she wants to blame her child's death on a certain item?

The choking hazzard has gone way out of the realm of reality. Choking hazzards used to be based on size and speed. If it took twenty consecutive minutes to get to the wire, bolt or wheel, it was not a choking hazzard. The tube test was so you didn't hand a child something and in the blink of putting up one toy, or running out of the room the child had swallowed it.

You still had to parent your child. Choking hazzard now means you can't leave the toy in the crib and let the child cry all night.


Jason said...

What ever happened to parents watching their children? Or properly preparing their food for their age? Or teaching their children to chew? Or learning the absolute most basic in first aid when you have a child? Or learning English? Maybe it is just me...

- Jason

Sarafina said...

It's not just you. Glad that you and Marilyn understand where I'm coming from. I mean, God forbid parents be *responsible* for their children's well-being.