Four Foods On Friday

So happy I'm on time for this week! :)

What are four spices you must have in the house?

  • black pepper (freshly ground)

  • crushed red pepper flakes (for anything that needs a little "kick")

  • nutmeg (for cream sauces, dark greens, and sweets)

  • dill (for scrambled eggs)

    shopannies said...

    wow red pepper that one is strong

    Lynne said...

    Nutmeg is probably my most underused spice! I really need to add that to my cooking more often.

    Charla @ Healthy Home Blog said...

    We use a lot of freshly ground pepper and I've started using crushed red pepper flakes recently. You're right, they give that "extra kick."

    Karen said...

    I never thought to use dill in scrambled eggs. I will have to try that.