How Do You Enjoy Movies at Home?

My husband and I have yet to come into “the modern age” and upgrade our dvd player for a higher quality picture and sound, but many of our friends have upgraded to BluRay or HD-DVD. I know the battle between these two formats has been decided, and HD may have lost out, but what about our friends that still have HD players? Are they stuck with the player and dvds they bought, forced to switch over to BluRay and replace all of the movies and TV shows they enjoy?

Think about all of that money invested…I would be very frustrated to have to do it all again to switch to BluRay. And who would buy their HD-DVDs and player?

Luckily, iNetVideo.com is here to help them. They have plenty of HD-DVDs and HD Boxsets to choose from. iNetVideo wants to make sure your HD player is not going to waste, and with over 130 unique movies on HD-DVD, they are prepared to have something to suit anyone’s taste.

Along with a nice selection of boxed sets, they also have genres such as action, animation, comedy, documentary, horror, mystery, and sci-fi. Many of those titles are under $10, too! What a great deal! Shipping costs are very affordable, too. For DVDs, the first item ships for $2.95, up to 5 items is $2.50/item, and additional items (6+) are $1.00/item. Box sets ship for $4.95/each.

For those who would rather exchange their HD-DVDs for BluRay DVDs, Warner Bros. is offering a great program called Red2Blu. For only $4.95 per BluRay title (+ $6.95 S&H for your entire order), you can trade in your HD titles for BluRay and start your BluRay collection. You can select up to 25 titles you wish to upgrade.

No matter which option you select, you can continue enjoying the movies and TV shows you enjoy with the highest quality picture and sound. So sit back, grab a bowl of popcorn and your favorite candy, and enjoy the show!

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Jason said...

I know this is a paid post and all, but I figured I would comment anyway.
The whole reason that blu-ray won was because Sony already had a huge market share thanks to the PS3, as well as having what they thought was better copy protection. Last laugh is on them though because the copy protection got broken and now people like me who are resourceful have access to free 1080p movies on the internets... although usually they are scaled down to 720p anyway.
Do you even have a 1080p set yet? Otherwise there is no use in upgrading from DVD yet.