Four Foods on Friday

So happy that it's time for ! :)

#1. Kelly’s question. What is your favorite memory associated with the smell of a certain food? As in, you smell it, close your eyes and are instantly drawn back to a magical moment in time….
the smell of my grandmother's green rice recipe takes me back to family meals at her house. it's not even that dish specifically...it just reminds me of the cooking smells in her kitchen.

#2. Name something red that is in your cabinets.
crushed red pepper flakes - use them all the time

#3. Ice. Do you have an ice maker, use ice cube trays or buy by the bag?
ice maker

#4. Pepper. What kind do you use most often? Is it in a grinder or a shaker?
just use plain black peppercorns in a grinder. would love to try some exotic ones. anyone have a recommendation?


Clair said...

Green rice? Sounds interesting. How did it get its color?

Sarafina said...

The rice itself isn't green, but it has green onions and bell pepper in it...which is where it gets it's name. :) There's a more traditional version of the recipe that has broccoli in it.

Karen said...

I think you should post the recipe for green rice! It sounds interesting.