Four Foods on Friday

Join me in participating in . It's always fun reading everyone's responses. :)

#1. Suggest a question for FFOF. Something fun is in store for the one whose question is chosen.
How far would you be willing to travel to satisfy a food craving?
#2. Share instructions on how to make your favorite smoothee or shake.
I don't ever make smoothies or shakes. I do like just regular chocolate malts, though.
#3. What’s in your favorite panini?
pesto, mozzarella, prosciutto, salami, or any other Italian meat.
#4. Share a recipe for potato salad.
I don't have a "go-to" potato salad recipe, but I *love* German Potato Salad. I found this recipe from Epicurious.com and think I'll try it this weekend.


Anele said...

Oh my Lord, that panini sounds WONDERFUL!

Charla said...

Your German Potato Salad sounds good. I'm getting so hungry for potato salad after reading all of these recipes. LOL :)

corrin said...

I'm a German potato salad girl, too!!!

Sarafina said...

I'm telling ya, girl...we are going to get along swimmingly once you guys move down here. :)

beastmomma said...

I love your site design; I know that does not relate to this post, but I still wanted to give you a compliment.

Sarafina said...

Thanks! I wish I could take credit, but it was from a site called Blogfrocks that no longer exists now.

blueyes said...

I have been known to travel at least an hour to get something I have wanted before lol It is sad when you get addicted to something and then move.

Lynne said...

Reading about paninis is making me hungry!

Anonymous said...

Depends on if it involves that crazy ... was it couscous? ... dish with capers and whatnot in it that you made.

I think I would travel forever for that. For real. Actually, can haz recipe?