TV Tuesdays Week 3

I tried this back in April of last year, but I'm hoping to have more participants this time around. Hope you guys enjoy it!

For full details on this meme and for previous weeks, visit this page.

Week 3 Questions:

1. Do you watch Presidential addresses that come on during prime time programming?
2. Do you regularly watch local or national news?
3. If you do watch national news, do you go to the major networks (ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX) or the cable news outlets (FoxNews, CNN, MSNBC)?


Jason said...

1. Absolutely not. It is basically just the president doing PR work. It makes me sad. Plus most of it is BS anyway.
2. Daily... but only national.
3. Comedy Central ;)

Laurie said...

1. Occasionally. I didn't watch the most recent one, but you always hear about it afterward anyway.
2. Yes, both local and national.
3. Major networks. ABC, mostly.