Four Foods on Friday

#1. What’s your favorite cereal?

Golden Grahams
#2. What do you use to flip food on the stove?
#3. What’s your favorite type of donut?
Krispy Kreme Maple Glazed or Dunkin Donuts Blueberry Munchkins
#4. Share a rice recipe.
My grandmother's Shrimp Luncheon Dish


JMom said...

spoonula? I never heard that one before. lol! I'll have to remember that :)

corrin said...

We don't have blueberry Munchkins here! Yet another reason why I need to move to Texas.

Karen said...

Ok, what is a spoonula???

Sarafina said...

A spoonula is a spatula that's curved to resemble a spoon so that it can be used for stirring, too. :)