Weekend Update

Friday evening - Dustin and I went to a magic show! One of the schools D worked with this fall opted for a magic show rather than a traditional prize program. I tagged along (mainly to spend time with D) and thought it was actually a pretty good show. If you live in the Austin area, keep Kent Cummings in mind or think about sending your kiddos to his Magic Camp.

Saturday morning - Mom came over and we did a bit of shopping. The main highlight of the outing, however, was a long-awaited trip to Taco Bueno for some Potato Burritos, chips & queso, and cinnamon chips. Georgetown had a Taco Bueno years ago and we've been heartbroken that the closest one was in Waco. Well, they're expanding again, this time to South Austin and now Round Rock! That's right...I am a mere 15 minutes away from fast-food taco heaven. Taco Hell can take a hike! :-p

Saturday afternoon - D and I took it easy and watched a James Bond marathon on Spike. Even with commercials, it was still fun to watch some classic Bond: You Only Live Twice and Diamonds Are Forever. For those of you that are fans of Austin Powers and haven't seen the Sean Connery Bond movies, you're missing out. I dare you to go 10 minutes without going: "Hey! That's like they did in Austin Powers!"

Saturday evening - Date night at the RL (that's Red Lobster to most of you)! I tried to post this from my phone last night, but Blogger kept telling me I haven't registered my phone which. I. most. certainly. have. Anyhoo...we did have to wait a while, but no worries...a PiƱa Colada made the time pass. :)

Today - It's been pretty laid back. We went to church this morning. On my way home I went by the library to drop off our paper recyclables, then went to HEB for gas and groceries. I only had to pay $38 for 3/4 tank of gas...no lies! I also started on my Thanksgiving craft project, which is top-secret for now. Once it's done, I will post it because it's turning out super-cute. Now I'm just catching up a bit online until D gets back from hunting a few miles away.

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