Saturday Diversions

I headed over to see Mom this morning and to do some shopping. I had a mission to find some long-sleeved tees and sweaters since none of mine fit from last year. I found a few things at Kohl's, but I found a TON of stuff at Old Navy. Corrin, thank you SO much for that coupon...it saved me over $25! Rock on! :)

Now I'm at home, doing laundry, going through old clothes to give away to Goodwill, and finally ripping my Christmas cds into iTunes. Dustin's on his way home from hunting and already called to say he got a 130 class 9-point buck this morning. :) However, I think said deer will end up being a shoulder mount in my office sometime between now and Christmas. We had agreed to only do European mounts, but I can't steal his thunder on this one.

We are going to see Quantum Solace tonight, too. Hopefully tomorrow will be a lot of laying around and relaxing. Work's been super stressful for both of us lately, so a quiet day would be nice.

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Amy said...

Congrats to your Manly Man! Hope y'all had a lazy, relaxing day today!