Four Foods on Friday

Thanksgiving is the theme for this week.

1. Stuffing. Boxed or from scratch?
Well, I've been a StoveTop girl all of my life, but this year I am making it from scratch. Homemade cornbread and everything! :)
2. If you were served the perfect Thanksgiving dinner what would it be?
Smoked turkey, stuffing, green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce (the jellied stuff from a can), pumpkin pie, pecan pie.
3. What’s your favorite Thanksgiving leftover?
Turkey tetrazzini
4. Share a recipe using turkey.
My Mom's tetrazzini recipe, which calls for chicken, but could easily be done with turkey...

4 slices American chees
1/4c each chopped bell peppers and onions
4 oz spaghetti noodles - cooked and cut into smaller pieces
1 T margarine
Chicken breast - cooked and diced
1 can Cream of Celery or Cream of Chicken soup

Sauté peppers and onions in margarine until they are soft.

Place spaghetti in a 9x9 casserole dish. Pour soup mixed with about 1/2 can of milk over spaghetti. Then add peppers & onions. Added diced chicken. Make sure all ingredients are mixed into the pasta. Top with cheese. You can add a little shredded cheese if you want.

Cook at 350 for about 30 minutes.

Note: I often add broccoli or garlic to this. Use your imagination!


Karen said...

I admire you for trying to make stuffing from scratch! I hope it turns out great.

Sheri/Cookingmom said...

Green bean casserole on Thanksgiving seems to be a law or something, but I've never been able to get the appeal!

Cairo Typ0 said...

Wow you're even making the cornbread from scratch?! Wow! My mother, the queen of everything from scratch, has always bought her bread crumbs or bought bread to make stale for the purpose. I'm very impressed! :)

Sarafina said...

Hehehe...let's not get excited yet, ladies. I haven't been successful at it yet! :)

corrin said...

Please share your sweet potato casserole recipe!

Sarafina said...

Corrin - It will be posted in Sarafina's Kitchen. I'm working on posting the recipes...the appetizers are already up. :)