20 Days Later

mood: feelin' fine
listening to: a blissfully quiet office free of pesky co-workers

I cannot believe I haven't posted in twenty days. I fear you all have forgotten about me out in here in BlogLand. :P

First, thanks to all of my loved ones for a wonderful birthday. I feel very loved and very fortunate to have such good friends.

Second, meet the newest member of our family, a new, COLOR, digital TV for my kitchen! Thanks to D for hooking a sister up!

Next, please read my review on Foodbuzz about James' new restaurant, Silver & Stone. We went Monday night for my birthday, which also happened to be their first night open for business.

Work: After a bit of personnel drama with NG3 (that's New Girl #3 for those who haven't had to listen to my complaints), things are better and are very busy. We are supposed to move to another building here on campus in the next few weeks, but no news as to when that might happen. The good news is I will have real, actual sunlight! There are windows across from where my new cubicle will be. We currently reside in an office stuck in the middle of one of the buildings - i.e. no sunlight.

Other news: D and I are hosting our first Thanksgiving this year. We've done all of the other major holidays, but not Turkey Day. The menu's already set and guests invited. Thanks so much to Juls for the awesome CD from Fine Cooking on everything D could possibly need to know about cooking the bird. :)

I hope you guys are all doing well, too. I am going to try very hard to catch up on everyone else's blogs this week and be "in the know".


corrin said...

My client makes the pop-up timers in turkey's! I can also send you a DVD from them on how to cook Turkey Day dinner.

Jason said...

No no no silly, never forgotten...

Charla said...

I've been missing you on FFoF. Glad you have sunlight in your new building. I would miss not having sunlight!