Happy Monday! and The Weekend in Review

I hope everyone had a good weekend! We had a blast this weekend, even though I am *exhausted* from it this morning. :)

Friday - We went to the Common Interest for some good times and kareoke. J and M joined us (what troopers!) and D sang some more of the Man in Black. Thanks to E and S for the good company (and tequila)!

Saturday - The Star Wars Marathon! We got started a little after 8:00am and we were done sometime after 9:00pm. (That's Eps. I-VI in chronological order of the story.) Everyone left around 10:30(?) after watching Family Guy's Blue Harvest. There was a LOT of good food (thanks to J for his mad chef skills on the tasty deer), good company, and a lot of laughs. A and T- I hope we weren't too intense for you. ;)

Sunday - Church was good and we had a bbq following the second service. One of the members of our church even gave us a demo of some of his radio-controlled airplanes...it was very cool. There was a new couple there that we met and it turns out I was in high school choir with his brother...it is a small world! (Ok, G'town to Leander isn't THAT big of a stretch, but it was still cool.) After that it was home to clean the house, do laundry, and try to relax (and watch the Cowboys whoop up on the Browns :-D).

Next weekend - Someone turns the big 3-0! He will be given no mercy about it either! :)

BTW - Am I the only one annoyed that most new TV shows don't start until the end of this month at the earliest? At least Fringe starts tomorrow. :P

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