San Diego Pictures and Weekend Plans

Second: Weekend Plans
Dustin will be working the Saxet Gun Show this weekend so the house is getting a *thorough* cleaning while he's out.  First on my list, the shower in the master bath.  Thanks to Juls for the cleaning tips on that.  I also need to clean out some stuff from the kitchen cabinets and the closet in the front bedroom.  I'll probably give most of it to Goodwill or list it on Freecycle.  I'm just tired of the clutter everywhere.  We are still trying to find a buffet to put in the dining room for the extra dishes and glassware currently residing in the front bedroom closet.  I saw a couple of pieces at the local antique mall that might work, but nothing's really "grabbed" me yet.
My other goal for the weekend is to get a plan together to collect books for a book drive I am heading up for church.  Our congregation is hosting a Fall Block Party for the elementary school where we hold our church services, and we collect books to give away to the kids/families that come to the block party.  Most of the families at the school are low-income, so it's nice to give the kiddos some books to take home with them.  I already contacted Bookmooch, and they were super nice but said that's not the kind of charities that really do well through their site.  They did offer me some ideas, though, so I'll start on that this weekend.  The party's less than two months away now. 
Oh yeah...I guess I should rest some this weekend, too. :-p

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