Christmas Order Frustrations

1) Crate and Barrel.com: Thank you for shipping my gift card so quickly, but what genius slapped a huge sticker on the inside of the card it goes in?  I am quite aware that it was a $20 gift card...I didn't need a huge sticker to tell me that.  Not only does it look bad, but it's covering the part of the card with the To: and From:, etc.  Hopefully you will "be able to find one" to send to me. :P  Seriously, a company of your caliber should not have issues like this.
2) Amazon.com: Thank you for shipping the two toys I ordered, but why couldn't you send an email as to why the 4 books didn't ship?  More importantly, why did one of them being on back order prevent the rest from shipping?  Come on guys!  I know I chose free Super Saver shipping, but that didn't stop you from sending the toys in a separate order.  I guess it's a good thing I made the time to call and inquire about where the books were.  Once the back-ordered book was removed from the order, the rest shipped in less than 24 hours.  What a concept! :P

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