Alamo Drafthouse

I was scanning through the Independent Film Channel's site today (ifc.com) and came across this article which talks about Alamo Drafthouse and how great their theatres are. Yay for an Austin-based business making it big! :)


The Alamo Drafthouse
For those of you who've heard about it but haven't been, I'm here to tell you: you haven't seen a movie until you've seen it Alamo Drafthouse-style. A small but growing Texas chain, the Alamo — which also created the ingenious Rolling Roadshow, where classic movies are shown in the locations that inspired them — shows movies the way God intended, assuming God is a very lazy film nerd who likes to eat and drink while watching his movies. The Alamo's presentation involves the most important innovation to moviegoing technology since the stadium seat: food and drink served to you via waiter throughout your movie. No having to miss parts of the movie to hit the concession stand and, more importantly, lots and lots of booze. Once you've seen "Talladega Nights" at the Alamo you'll never want to see it any other way. I'm waiting for a New York branch with bated breath. —Matt Singer

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