Signs That You Are Addicted to Telnet Talkers

(written by your's truly and I am sure it will be added to as time goes on)

1. You get annoyed with all the graphical smilies in online messengers like Yahoo and AIM.
2. You can't understand while all websites don't let you .earn (money) to buy poker chips and virtual pets.
3. When someone says that they IM'ed someone, you hear that as .t'ing the person.
4. You've ever gotten .married on a talker.
5. People have ever .give(n) you naughty socials to use for honeymoon of .marriage.
6. You've ever stayed up for hours playing .connect4 or .tictactoe with someone.
7. You become frantic when you try to join a new talker and someone is already using your username.
8. You think the ASCII graphics on the talkers are rockin'!

These are courtesy of Wikipedia:

/-------\/ __ O _ ,__o
/ | || /o)\ /|\ >(o)__ _-\_<,
* ||----|| \(o/ / \ (_~_/ (*)/'(*)
~~ ~~ ~~~~~~~
Bull Yin/Yang Person Rubber Duck Cyclist

,-._,-. (\ /)
\/)"(\/ (o.O)
(_o_) |> <|

Dog Rabbit (sometimes cat)

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