Ok...12 hours 'til departure!!!

mood: uncontrollably excited
listening to: tv

  • Got myself packed Saturday nite.

  • Got Dustin packed just now.

  • Aunt Ari came over for last minute kitty-sitting guidance and prayers. :P

  • Leaving the house at 5:00am (courtesy of Daddy-Taxi)

  • Arrive Austin airport and depart for Houston 7:00am.

  • Leave Houston at 9:00am.

  • Arrive Costa Rica 12:00pm local time.

  • Check in and visit hospitality desk to book spa time. :-D

  • We heard there is an internet cafĂ©, so I might be able to post and update you guys on the trip.

  • I'll miss y'all bunches and oodles and schoodles. Love you! ~Megs
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