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First, thanks to Shay for my new icons. Yeah, yeah...they're for LJ, but well, I post here :)

Second, still no Kate Spade purse. Guess that's what happens when Fedex carries for USPS. The very nice lady at our branch said she's seen it take up to four days for something to get here from Dallas. poodoo. No purse by Monday, someone's getting a NASTY phone call from this redhead. Or maybe I'll call my second dad for advice on what to do. :P

What else? Taking Mom and Dad to the airport in the morning...they're off to New Mexico for a few days. Then home to rest and/or clean house. The house needs major, major cleaning. Hoping I can recruit D to help. :) Tomorrow night is game nite at A&J's (w00t). BTW, A...do we need to bring any games? What are we going to play? Still looking for the dip recipe, too. :P I may end up making something else to nosh on.

My thumb is much better from last week's injury. :P It's still a bit stiff and I still can't pop my knuckle which I need to do very badly. It's driving me crazy. My truck is still injured, too...we haven't had time to get new touch-up paint for the huge gash left by my ring. :(

Oh yeah...one more thing...can you guys please stop by the forums? I posted some new stuff last week. :)

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Ari said...

Bring whatever you want to play :D We've got stuffs, too, but I think SceneIT or the DVD trivial pursuit could RULE!

Don't try too hard on the snackies, that'll take the fun out of the night.