just sent to gap.com:

I recently purchased several items from your online store and was very excited about receiving them. However, the Short-sleeved v-neck T (#3571850524004) has been a disappointment. I have only worn the tee twice, and only washed it once (on a gentle cycle), and the bottom hem has already started unraveling. I realize I was able to purchase the tee at a clearance price, but I can't settle for a poorly made shirt. I love Gap tees, and frequently recommend them to friends even though they often cost a bit more than other stores. I always tell my friends it is worth the extra money because of the quality of the shirts.

I felt you should be made aware that the Short-sleeved v-neck T may have quality issues and hope you will be able to take the time to investigate and see if this was a rare occurrence or if it is a real issue.

Thank you for your time,
Meagan Warncke

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