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Top 3 or 4 favorite Ewan movies and why:

Moulin Rouge - Looks like I am not the only one who got hooked on Mr. McGregor with this one ;) This film is just beautiful to look at. The colors are so deep and vivid. Baz's use of modern songs has always amazed me, too.

Velvet Goldmine - Music, half (or less)-clothed Ewan, glitter...what more can we want? Oh yeah...Christian Bale and Jonathan Rhys Meyers!

The Island - Ewan in an action movie! Two Ewans, one Scottish, of course :) Inside jokes about his love for motorcycles. Looks HOT in that white jumpsuit! ;)

Star Wars Episode II - Come on...Obi Wan hotness drenched on Kamino and all those adorable cheeky comments...and lots of lightsaber action!

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