Just a quick post to show off the new hair :) Nothing fancy...just trimmed a bit and re-layered.

D and I are laying low this weekend. I did go with Ari to G'town this morning. Got my hair cut, ran by Mom and Dad's to pick something up, then Ari and I went crazy in the fall home stuff at Wal-Mart. Ok, not crazy crazy, but we both got some super cute stuff for very little money. I was trying to find a centerpiece for Dad's bday lunch in two weeks. Then we headed back to Leander where Ari treated me to lunch at Jardin del Rey...mmm...enchiladas verdes. :)


laurie_pooh said...

VERY cute! Is my girl still working there on occasion? She has mad skills with an iron! :)

P.S. Thought you might find my comment on Erin's post amusing if you didn't see it: http://www.livejournal.com/users/shaylagirl/228431.html

Sarafina said...

no...i dont think that same girl is there. they moved into a new location over closer to mom and dad's house and got some new ppl in there. i don't even go to nancy anymore...i go to a new girl in there, misti. she rocks. :) as you can see...she's got mad skills with the iron, too. it was humid yesterday and it STILL stayed straight.