the hurricane

for those who know that my family is from the Beaumont/Port Arthur area:

most of Dad's side of the family is accounted for. some of them are here with us, my other uncle and his family went to Jasper.

the hurricane hit the Beaumont area head on about 2:30am CDST. There was substantial wind damage and over 8" of rain. the concern now is whether the storm will stall over Texas over the next few days dumping even more rain on them. we have not yet heard about specific damage to my family members' homes, but we do know a few emergency workers who stayed behind that will hopefully be able to tell us sometime today.

thank you for all of those who have sent good wishes and prayers for my family. it is deeply, deeply appreciated.


laurie_pooh said...

*hugs* Glad you and yours are safe. I was watching Anderson Cooper standing in Beaumont a few mintues ago and thought you you. Came over here to see if you were updating... I hope mom and dad are able to arrive safely today too. Give them hugs for me.

Sarafina said...

thanks, baby. CNN has also been in Lumberton a lot, too, which is where our house, and a lot of my family is. It's about 15 miles north of Beaumont. It is so unreal to see my hometown on the news. Considering how bad it could have been, it looks like they have been lucky so far. We just hope that if the storm stalls it won't dump a tremendous amount of rain on the area again.