hurricane update

i am not really sure where to begin...maybe a list would be easier...

-we found out that most everyone's houses were ok (from brief examination), but my uncle did have a tree go through his roof. they are trying to remove it before they head up here. they have run out of gas for their generator, and as you guys probably know, there is NO gas anywhere around there.

-it could be 2-4 weeks before all power and water are restored to the Beaumont area, so we will most likely have family with us for a while. Dustin and I were housing my dad's cousin, Linda, and her husband, but they have moved over to Mom and Dad's house for a while to give Dustin and I a rest before the rest of them head up here.

-we went ahead and had Dad's bday lunch yesterday...all 17 of us. it did go very well, though...i was really happy that everyone seemed to enjoy the food and the company.

-Mom and Dad got home safely and on-time from Spain Sat. evening. they had a wonderful time. i will post more about that later on.

thanks for all the warm wishes you guys continue to send our way...i think they have most definatley helped see my family through this in a lot better shape than they could have been.

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