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(please forgive the poor writing in this entry as I am not yet awake. last nite was the second nite in a row that i did not sleep well).

Weekend update:
Friday night we went to dinner with Ari and Jeff at one of the Mexican food places in Leander. It was the yum. We all had quite a bit of margarita, but Saffi didn't feel it the next day like the rest of them did. ;)

Saturday I went shopping with Mom. I have been needing new clothes for a while...most of mine are too big now. We hit the Foley's Red Apple sale (where I got several tops and some cute Dockers capris...all on sale). Then it was off to JC Penney where I found this. The last stop was Dillards to pick up the Clarks sandals I have been wanting. That was the only thing I paid full price for. :) I was quite proud of myself. I got a LOT of clothes for very little money. I then came home and finally got to sit down and watch a Ewan performance I hadn't seen. He was in the first episode of a British TV series called "Kavanagh QC" about a British public defender. Ewan was great of course, but I really liked the show as well. I will probably end up adding that to my collection. :)

Sunday morning D and I ended up sleeping in til 9:30. I haven't been able to sleep that late in months. We got up and went to church, then came home. He did some yard work while I bummed in the house. We watched "Ray" together. About 5:00 I finally got up the energy to vacuum and clean the floors. We then watched "Friday Night Lights". I recommend both movies.

Oooo...last night I made Dustin and I some homemade alfredo with angel hair pasta. I took a recipe I got from Rachel Ray on 30 Minute Meals and tweaked it. Her's calls for half and half, butter, nutmeg, and parmesan, and I added a little sour cream and cremini mushrooms that I had saute├ęd with garlic and cooking sherry. I rarely like my own cooking very much, but this was so good.

BTW, if you love to cook, check out Rachel's shows on Food TV. 30 Minute Meals, $40 A Day, and Inside Dish. I have seen at least one episode of all 3 and love them. She is too adorable and an excellent chef. :)

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