out of the loop

mood: frustrated
listening to: the hum of our computer

I have been in training at work since yesterday, and I feel so out of it with my internet life. I can't talk to my girls at work, I can't check my email, I can't even check Oasis. I get to work at 7, scramble to do stuff that came in the day before, then out the door no later than 8:15 for training. Yesterday I did go back over to the office during lunch but didn't have time today. I doubt I will tomorrow either...I will probably be studying for the exam we have at the end of tomorrow to pass the class. Today was worse because traffic was ridiculous (after training running over), so I didn't get home til like 5:20 (as compared to the normal 4:35). *sighs* I really wanted to come home and rest some before Ari picks me up for choir and before Erwina comes over for Friends nite. BLAHAGE.

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