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In Neopets news, the Fruit Machine was quite good to me this morning:
You have won 15,000 Neopoints!
You also win a Stone Muffin and a White Paint Brush!

I have already used the paint brush to paint my Scorchio white :) He was the only pet that wasn't a unique color. Back when the Rainbow Fountain was still working, I had made him Christmas, but of course, I got tired of that and he went back to blue.

So, on my other account, I have a blue Ixi, Chaucer. He has been unhappy for a few weeks now, and I don't know what to do. I have played with him, played with his petpet, fed him, groomed him, and even fed him a Happy Negg. Nothing seems to work. I feel really bad...this is the first time one of my pets hasn't been happy. :/


laurie_pooh said...

la la la la...

*covers eyes*

la la la la...

*moves on*

Anonymous said...

aweee no!!! poor Chaucer!! :( i love 'dem bee-bees like they's my own...i am uber sad to hear of his depression...apprently NP's needs to offer NeoTherapy or NeoCounciling for terminally depressed pets

*hugs to the Ixi-baby and hugs to the Firithmundowen* ;)

~Erwina (who's lazy)