Letter to Mother Nature

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Dear Mother Nature,

I am writing to inform you that I am fed up! Yes, I realize I have not worshipped you and respected you like I should lately, but screw you! I have the following complaints about my body today:

- I am bloated
- I have dry skin in every crevice imaginable
- my hair is out of control
- I am eating everything in sight
- I am exhausted even though I have no reason to be

So, listen, biznatch...if I try a wee bit harder, will you back off some? I do try, really I do...why do you have to be so hateful????

Exasperated in Austin

PS - Can you please, please, please stop making chocolate taste so damn good?


laurie_pooh said...


Poor Megs.


Anonymous said...

your letters are a source of amusement...not at your troubles and trials, but because they're just...well...you know :)