It's not Monday...

mood: pretty good
listening to: Fell in Love with a Girl - White Stripes

Yay for long weekends. :) I feel like I got so much done for once...it is a great feeling. I cleaned, hung curtains, paid bills...very productive. Now I can return to being a bum *g*

Work has been steady, but not crazy here today. My team leader is back, but in a good mood for her, and she is leaving at 4.

I talked to Lauries online the other night and it seems like the wedding is falling into place. I hope she enjoys these last few weeks and doesn't have to stress too much longer. I also got her invite to the luncheon the Friday before the wedding, and it sounds like fun! I have never had a professional mani and pedi, so I am excited about that, too. I have my dress being altered now and I get to pick it up on the 16th. She had to do a lot of work to take in the bodice, but the rest of it was fine except for the length of course. I am trying to get a hold of her to save me a piece of the material for Lauries, but she is out of town til this Thursday...I hope she hasn't started my dress yet.

I am getting excited about my Birthday/Halloween party. I looked online to double check info on the RHPS showings to put on the evite, and I am glad I did because this week was the last week they were at the Wells Branch theatre. The good part is they are moving to the Alamo Drafthouse Village location, which will be a better venue. I hope everyone will enjoy it :)

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