My answers to the survey:

Are you currently employed? yes
Is it a full-time position? yes
Do you work in the private sector or for the government? government
Do you receive benefits (medical insurance, etc)? yes
Please rate the following:

I am challenged by my job on a daily basis:
1 (yes) 5(sometimes) 10(never)

I enjoy the work I do:
1 (yes) 5(sometimes) 10(never)

I like the people I work with (non-management):
1 (yes) 5(sometimes) 10(never)

I like the managers in my office:
1 (yes) 5(sometimes) 10(never)

I think our office policies are fair:
1 (yes) 5(sometimes) 10(never)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hmm.... For my job I'd put very positive for everything but policies. :)
Employed, part time, no benefits, and I suppose school district would be considered government, although not directly.

- Jason