Work has been crazy this week. Like today, I will have actually only been "in" the office like an hour and a half. I had meetings most of the morning and I have training all afternoon. I actually hope that gets done a little early so I can cut out and not have to walk back over here :) I also found out my team leader will be out next Thurs and Fri...yippee!

Life at home is going pretty well. Dusty is super busy, but his fall is starting to shape up nicely sales-wise. I have no doubt he will totally kick arse this year in his numbers...I am really proud of him :)

Not too much else to report. This weekend should be a quiet one, which I am looking forward to. My Dad's cousin will be coming in Friday, so we are having dinner at my aunt's Friday nite which should be nice. I haven't decided yet if I am going out with them on Saturday, but I probably won't. I need some quiet lazy time ;)


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you need some quiet lazy chalupa time

- Jason

Sarafina said...

mwha...maaaaaybe...then again, maybe i just need a vacation in Vegas :-D