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I am standing outside of my life looking in today. It is like watching it on tv. Things are going to have to get better...soon. I am trying hard not to turn to food for comfort which is what I normally do in times like this.

Staying home from work Monday just made me sad that I can't work from home. I loved being there and getting stuff done. I am tired of having to spend one day out of every weekend cleaning the house and grocery shopping. If I were home during the week I could get it all done then and enjoy my weekends. Dustin is so lucky to have found a career, not just a job, the first time out of the gate. He gets to work pretty much for himself...and doesn't have to answer to petty, insecure, power-hungry people all day long. He also gets recognized when he does good work...I can't remember the last time I was praised by my supervisor. What motivation do I have anymore to do good work for these people?

I need a vacation. Just a 3 day trip to Vegas (chingy-ching) or something fun like that. I don't think we can afford it now though. I need to save up to go see Juli this fall. I cannot wait to go up there...I miss her terribly.

Ok...guess I should go pretend to work for a while...

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