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quote of the day:(from here)
Leela: "Look at that 5 o'clock rust. You've been up all night not drinking, haven't you?"
Bender: "Hey, what I don't do is none of your business."
Leela: "Please, Bender, have some malt liquor. If not for yourself, then for the people who love you."
Bender: "I hate the people who love me and they hate me!"

So anyways...that was a great ep of Futurama last nite, and I needed a laugh now :) The rest of you just got the joy of sharing it with me! :-D

Today has pretty much sucked. I felt like shit this morning...I am bored to tears. Need I say more?

The digital camera Dusty ordered came in, so I will have that to play with this weekend..teeeheee.

Dinner at the parents' tonite. That will be yummy!

Yes, this is random. I need sleep...what do you want? :p

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