Time: butt-crack-o-dawn, Saturday
Place: home computer
Mood: tired and cranky that I could not sleep in
Music: none

Yesterday was my last day at Senate Natural Resources. I will be on the payroll til the end of next week, and hopefully by that time I will have my new job with TCEQ. It was mixed emtions yesterday...relief that finally all was sorted out and that I was leaving a job where I had not been happy for some time...and there was also a bit of sadness of leaving ppl behind that I have worked with for over a year now. So...I guess I will just try to enjoy a paid week of vacation...

Today I am going with Mom to see "The Hours", and then we are off to Elizabeth's for a Pampered Chef party...a girls' day will be nice. Dustin and I saw Chicago last nite, (my 4th time), and then we went to dinner at Buffet Palace. I am glad we had a chance to go out, but I also hope that I have some time to myself this week. I need to sort some things out and really can't do that with others around...

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