Name: Meagan
Nicknames: Megs, Smegs, Mega, Meggers, Megala
Online Nicknames: Sarafina, Saffi, Megafina, Firithmundowen
Birthday: October 20th
Best Birthday Party: 18th party with all my high school friends
Pets: Minuet, Praya, Padme
Roomates: Dustin, above mentioned cats
S.O. (significant other): Dustin
Favorite Emoticon: 0 : )
Location: Austin
Mousepad: Marvin the Martian
Current CD in player: Chicago soundtrack
Current DVD/VHS in player: Queer As Folk Season 1
Car: 95' Dodge Neon P.O.S.
Last Vacation: Choir Tour 2000
Dream Vacation: Florence, Italy
Favorite School Subject: History
Least Favorite School Subject: Science
Favorite Teacher: Ms. Voss - junior history teacher
Name of High School Mascot: Georgie, the Eagle
New Year's Resolution: to loose 10-15 lbs. by April
Favorite Genre of Music: Country
Favorite Genre of Movie: Romance or SciFi
Currently Reading: Divine Secrets of the YaYa Sisterhood
Current Celeb Crush: Ewan McGregor
Zodiac: Libra
Chinese Zodiac: Snake
Website: mkvogel.home.texas.net/
Journal: sarafina1977.blogspot.com
Favorite Online Game: pogo.com pool
Favorite Smell: vanilla
Favorite Sound: laughter
Least Favorite Smell: litter box
Least Favorite Sound: screeching brakes
Favorite Curse Word: fuck
Hobbies: reading, writing, internet, collecting SW memorabilia, collecting antique kitchenware
One Thing About You We Probably Don't Know: I am an only child

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