Shopping Sabbatical Part Deux

Well, I've let my dear friend Corrin talk me into another Shopping Sabbatical.

Don't misunderstand me, I need to do it badly. My pay raise with my new job created a little hysteria in the spending department last month, so I need to reel it back in.  Plus, I need to save to go crazy in Britain next month.

The last time we did a sabbatical, it was three months.  This time it's only one month. Seriously...if I can't make it one month without buying clothes, shoes, or accessories, call Dr. Phil. 

First step: Closet clean-out! I'll tackle this over the upcoming weekend.  Jack will be with my in-laws and I *should* be recovered from last week's surgery.

  • Organize my closet.
  • Take inventory.
  • Donate things I no longer want.
  • Alter items that don't fit correctly.
  • Start wearing everything!

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