Back In the Saddle Again...

As I approach a major change in my life, I'll have to start focusing on money management again.  I always try to, but you know, I like stuff. Shiny stuff, sparkly stuff, tasty stuff.  I get it, I'm a brat.
But I also love to find bargains. I live for finding treasures at Ross, Half Price Books, and on the clearance rack at Kohls.

One of the latest tools I've started using is the Ibotta App for my iPhone.

It's like couponing, but so much easier.

  1. Choose your offers and complete Product Tasks.  These including taking polls, watching videos, and sharing information about the products on Facebook and Twitter.
  2. Go shopping! The fun part. Ibotta will create a checklist of the items on which you've completed Product Tasks.
  3. Take a picture of your receipt showing the items were purchased.
  4. Voila! Within a few minutes your purchases are verified and money appears in your account! Just link Ibotta to your Paypal account and transfer the money over.

Seriously...you guys have to try this app.  I love it.  It's got great products and is so much easier than carrying that envelope of coupons to the store with you.

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