Four Foods on Friday

A week behind on , but better late than never!

#1. Anele’s question. Do you have a natural ability to cook or do you feel you just “get by?”
Heh. Depends on what day it is! :) Just kidding. I think I have a natural ability with everything but baking. I can make tarts and pies ok, but cakes and I do not get along. :-P I leave that to the professionals!

#2. Why do you buy the size eggs that you buy?
Large brown organic eggs (when our friend Kelly doesn't give us fresh ones)

#3. Do you have any cooking “rules”?
Don't burn things or cut myself chopping. :)

#4. Fresh corn. Yellow, white or bicolored?
Oooo...I like all of the above! Probably would pick bi-colored over the others, though.


beastmomma said...

I like your rules :)

Clair said...

I'm just the opposite, I find tarts and pies harder than cakes :)

corrin said...

Oh fresh eggs are delicious! We get them at work sometimes and I always call dibs on the leftovers.