What are the three quirky habits you have?

I found this in draft form - not sure why I never posted it. Originally written 5/3/08.

from Corrin

Every morning when I get up (or if I get up in the middle of the night), I turn on the light in the hallway next to the utility room to make sure the cats have dragged out a little "treat" from the litter box.

If we have a bag of salad in the house, I will inspect the entire bag from the outside before using any. If there's more than 2 or 3 nasty-looking leaves, I won't eat any of it.

Every time I open a bag of shredded cheese, I smell it to make sure it hasn't gone bad. I'll do this even if I've had the same bag out earlier the same day.

Man...reading these makes me sounds a little over the edge. :P I'm not...I swear!

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