Top 5 Reasons for Me to Get Back In Bed

1) The smoke detector started beeping last night about 10:20.  It took me over 10 minutes to unhook it.  It's possible that I threw it halfway across the living room, making the battery pop out of it's compartment.
2) The Tylenol PM I took at 9:00 didn't kick in until about 5 minutes before #1 happened.
3) I slept through my alarm going off the first time or it never went off.  I've never known it to *not* go off.
4) Since I got a late start, I didn't have time to dry and straighten my hair.  It's not curling right and looks like poo.
5) As I was pouring my coffee (which was badly needed this morning), some of it spilled on the new shirt I was planning on wearing today.  I had to rinse it out (so it wouldn't stain) and change shirts. 

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