God. No Cowboy Bebop live-action movie. Did you not learn anything from the Aeon Flux debacle? Seriously...any stylized anime like Aeon or Cowboy does NOT translate to live-action.

As if that weren't enough, I just read that MTV is going to remake the RHPS. (that's Rocky Horror Picture Show for you virgins out there that have not had the delight of going to a midnight showing of this movie)

Seriously - no more remakes, no more anime-to-live-action movies. Enough. Quit it. Don't let someone's first impression of CB or RHPS be these new movies.


Laura/Bria said...

I will have a B.F. if they remake RHPS. It would totally ruin the spirit of the original. I perform it in one of Houston's two shadow casts - what's going to happen to our audience numbers if they remake the film? :(

Sarafina said...

Oooo...I didn't know you were in an RHPS cast, Laura! What role do you play???

Laura/Bria said...

Indeed I do, Megs. :) There's pics up on my Myspace if you wanna see them. I perform whatever role the cast managers throw at me - I've done Magenta, Columbia, and Rocky (for our gender bender show). You'll have to swing by Houston and see us sometime!

Sarafina said...

Very cool! I always liked Magenta best- probably a red-head thing. ;) Maybe I'll get a group together and we'll make the drive over there and see you perform sometime. That would be a lot of fun. :)