Martinis and Two Beaumont References

Thanks to A, J, M, and D for hopping on board so quickly with my plan for us to go see Goldfinger (Master Pancake style) at Alamo last night. :) I love that you guys go along with my crazy schemes so easily. As always, you were a BLAST to hang out with.

J, thanks for being the DD and for dealing with parking downtown. And, of course, for the drinks at the "after party" here at our place.

A, thanks for going with me and being a great girlfriend to hang out with. I forgot how much fun that could be. :)

M, what can I say? You are the master of all James Bond knowledge, and my cohort in partaking of a Vesper martini.

D, what a trooper sitting between M and I during the movie (and especially the pre-movie entertainment). Thanks for staying up late even though there were hogs to be hunted at the crack o' dawn this morning.

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