TV Tuesdays Week 1

Inspired by Val's Four Foods on Friday meme, I thought I would try to get my own weekly meme started.

For full details on this meme, visit this page.

Week 1 Questions:

1. What TV provider do you use? (ex: Time Warner, Dish, Direct TV)
2. What's your go-to channel when nothing else is on?
3. What's your favorite game show (current or past)?


skeet said...

I played, but blogger comments don't allow me to link to my post. Now you need to come on over to my place to find my answers and play Tuesday Teaser! Hope the new meme does well for you!

Flo said...

Oh, oh, oh, I played :) I love TV. I found it through Skeet's blog. You can view my entry at:
Flo's Place

Sarafina said...

from valmg2: